It is one year since Peek-a-Book was born!
I want to thank all those came here, by chance, by choice or because they trusted me. Thank you everybody!
Thank you also to the growing followers on Facebook and Twitter, I couldn’t imagine such a success one year ago!

I hope I’ll be able to publish more frequently in 2013 and I want to make a New Year’s resolution which may seem strange but it’s not: to read less books. I mean it, this year I’ve read too many books, as soon as I finished a book I’d start another one. Therefore, I had no time to write reviews and I want them to be the most important part of the blog. 

Then, another good intention is to reduce the reading challenges, so I don’t have a pre-set number of books to read.

More freedom in 2013 and more reviews, stay in touch with your comments here, on Facebook and on Twitter, you can’t imagine how much I appreciate them.

That’s all, thank you very much once again to everybody!