Let me remind you that this meme is hosted by MizB on her blog Should be reading.
(Lasciate che vi ricordi che questo meme è ospitato da MizB nel suo blog Should be reading).

To play along with this weekly book event just answer the 3 following question:
(Per partecipare a questo evento settimanale basta rispondere alle 3 seguenti domande):

1. What are you currently reading? (cosa stai leggendo in questo momento?)
2. What did you recently finishing reading? (cosa hai appena finito di leggere?)
3. What do you think you'll read next? (quale pensi sarà il prossimo libro che leggerai?)

My answers: (le mie risposte)

 1. What are you currently reading?
“The adventures of Tom Sawyer”  by Mark Twain. I’m enjoying this book so much! Tom is a real brat and always comes up with something, but his thoughtlessness and his idea of life as a never ending discovery have a lot to teach to us adults!

“Le avventure di Tom Sawyer” di Mark Twain.
Questo libro mi sta piacendo tantissimo! Tom è un vero monello, ne combina di tutti i colori, ma la sua spensieratezza e il suo vedere la vita come una continua scoperta e avventura hanno tanto da insegnare a noi adulti!

2. What did you recently finishing reading?  
I have just finished reading  “The adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle, it was my first approach to the famous investigator of Baker Street, but I have to admit it didn’t satisfy me 100%. Yes, the stories are nice, but unfortunately nothing compelling.
Ho appena finito di leggere “Le avventure di Sherlock Holmes” di Arthur Conan Doyle, era il mio primo approccio con il famoso investigatore di Baker Street, ma devo dire che non ne sono rimasta totalmente soddisfatta. Sì, carini i racconti, ma niente che mi abbia tenuta incollata al libro purtroppo.

3. What do you think you'll read next?
I have just planned to go to the Library tomorrow and get “King Solomon’s mines”, a book that will help me finish 3 challenges: “The league of the extraordinary gentlemen”, “What’s in a name” and “Books2movie”. Has anyone of you read it and can you tell me how it is?
Domani ho già in programma di passare in biblioteca a prendere “Le miniere di re Salomone” libro che mi aiuterà a terminare ben 3 sfide, per la precisione: “The league of the extraordinary gentlemen”, “What’s in a name” e “Books2movie”. Qualcuno di voi l’ha letto e mi sa dire com’è? 

What about you? What's your WWW this week? Write a comment below! :)
(E voi? Quali sono i vostri WWW per questa settimana? Lasciate un commento qui sotto!)


  1. Haven't heard any of these books, also.
    Thanks for checkin out my WWW! Imma new follower. :)

    Michelle from Michelle Shouts Random

  2. Hi! Great book choices. I suggest you try watching the Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch. It made me appreciate the Sherlock series more :)

    ~ Judie

  3. I loved Tom Sawyer too - gosh it's been ages since I've read it though.

  4. @Michelle: thanks for stopping by and being a new follower! :)

    @becomingjudie: thank you for your advice, I'll surely watch the series!

    @Tanya Patrice: yes, it's a great book!

  5. Sorry to hear that the Sherlock Holmes books didn't live up to your expectations. One day I will read more in that series so far I've only read A Study in Scarlet.

    My WWW Wednesday can be found here.

  6. I've read all the Sherlock Holmes stories, and the two short novels (Hounds of the Baskevilles and A Study in Scarlet). I thought they were all fantastic, but there were certainly some that weren't as compelling. I also definitely recommend the BBC adaptation.

    I couldn't really get into The Adventures of Tom Sawyer when I tried reading it a few years ago, but I might give The Prince and the Pauper a go sometime. :)

  7. Tom Sawyer - wonderful, also loved Huckleberry, though he is def into more mischief! I really enjoyed Baskervilles but haven't read any of the others. I also recommend the BBC adaptation - so good! Thanks for stopping by my WWW!

  8. I'm glad you're enjoying Tom. I like him, too.

    I have not read King Solomon's Mines and look forward to hearing what you think about it.

  9. I had fun with Tom Sawyer years ago when I read it. Glad you're enjoying it.

  10. I'm glad you're enjoying the League of Extraordinary Gentleman challenge. It sounds like a fun one.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Great books! I feel the same about Sherlock Holmes. It's nice to read, but nothing really stuck with me. I hope you enjoy your next book, I haven't heard of that one before, actually. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Great books! I'm thinking of reading some Mark Twain soon! I'll have to check out Tom Sawyer! Happy reading!

  13. I love Sherlock and Twain. They are incredible. Happy reading.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    ~Danica Page @Taking it One Page at a Time

  14. Some good classic books!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for WWW Wednesday =)

  15. Thanks for stopping by earlier!

    I love your book choices. I haven't read Twain in a long while, your post makes me interested in revisiting a classic :)

  16. Sherlock Holmes is something I NEED to read at some point! Fingers crossed they're as good as they sound :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by! I do love Tom Sawyer - such a classic!

    BTW, I love your blog header - so cute!

  18. Tom Sawyer really is a delightful brat, and that's also where we met Huck Finn. A true classic!

  19. I can see we all love Tom Sawyer! ^_^

    @Literary Winner: thanks for your compliment, I love it too! I had the idea and my friend made/drew it for me ;)

  20. I've always wanted to read the Sherlock Holmes stories! :)
    Thanks for stopping by The Coffee Pot!

  21. thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh, how i remember the first two books. I've heard of the third one and think i had it on my list at one time. blog is very nice and inviting. sidne

  22. Reading some oldies I see. Happy reading!

    Ashley @ Dr. Pepper Diva

  23. I remember the second book, it's been a while.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Nazish @ Nazish Reads

  24. Great reads! I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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