Where is your book taking you? Leave a comment, write a post on your blog, spread the word! This meme is hosted by An Adventure in Reading.
(Dove vi sta portando il vostro libro? Lasciate un commento, scrivete un post sul vostro blog, spargete la voce! Questo meme è ospitato da An Adventure in Reading).

This week I'm reading 2 books simultaneously, so:
(questa settimana sto leggendo 2 libri contemporaneamente, quindi:)

I'm in Paris, at the Opera, and the ballet dancers are running here and there in a panic because they say that the theater is haunted...
("The Phantom of the Opera", by Gaston Leroux)
(Sono a Parigi, all'Opera, e le ballerine del corpo di ballo corrono qua e là in preda al panico perchè si dice che nel teatro si aggiri un fantasma...
"Il fantasma dellOpera" di Gaston Leroux)

I'm in Riga, in Latvia, and I'm walking with my head high through the cobbled streets admiring the sparkling spiers of the churches... (Lonely Planet travel guide "Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania").
(Sono a Riga, in Lettonia, che passeggio a testa in sù per stradine acciottolate ammirando le scintillanti guglie delle chiese... - guida Lonely Planet "Estonia, Lettonia e Lituania").

Where is your book taking you today? Let me know it writing a comment  below! :)
(E a voi dove sta portando il vostro libro? Fatemelo sapere con un commento qui sotto!)


  1. I aam late again but I hope you will understand that from where this book has taken me earthly matters pale and fade into the distance only to assume significant proportions.
    The book is "Mr g" by Alan Lightman. It begins, "As I remember, I had just woken up from a nap when I decided to create the universe." See what I mean?

  2. Oh wow!
    It sounds like an interesting book! :O

    Thanks for your comment Marina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It is Tuesday! Where are you? :)

  4. Sorry Marina, you're right!
    Unfortunately I didn't meet my english teacher in these last days, so che can't correct the many mistakes I surely did in my "It's tuesday where are you?" of this week! ^_^
    However I'll try to post it (and the "WWW Wednesday" too), I apologize in advance for my mistakes! :D


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