Where is your book taking you? Leave a comment, write a post on your blog, spread the word! This meme is hosted by An Adventure in Reading.

(Dove vi sta portando il vostro libro? Lasciate un commento, scrivete un post sul vostro blog, spargete la voce! Questo meme è ospitato da An Adventure in Reading).

I'm here in Italy, in Verona, and I have just seen the first kiss between Juliet and Romeo...
("The most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare)

(Io sono qui in Italia, a Verona, e ho appena assistito al primo bacio fra Romeo e Giulietta...
"Romeo e Giulietta" di W.Shakespeare)

Where is your book taking you today? Let me know it writing a comment  below! :)
(E a voi dove sta portando il vostro libro? Fatemelo sapere con un commento qui sotto!)


  1. I am in Miami, Florida rushing out the door late for a meeting. I'm voyaging between two books right now: Perlmann's Silence by Pascal Mercier and In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson. I jump from "a picturesque seaside town near Genoa" to pre-war Berlin. Quite a jump!

  2. Thanks for your comment Marina! :)


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